Bryan Gebhardt

December 6, 2012


Four years ago you helped get me elected to the Fremont Unified District’s Board of Education, and together we’ve all done great work for our Fremont students in spite of the worst economic times. Unfortunately, for personal and professional reasons I decided not to seek re-election this November. Although I will not be on the board, I will continue to work for the children of Fremont.

I’m extremely proud of the work I and we have done. We’ve made tremendous progress in recent years towards our common vision to enable all students to reach their full potential, utilize funds wisely, and ensure safe schools. Scores are up and our students are doing better than ever. We’ve kept every dollar spent focused on students first and successfully raised millions of local dollars through Measure K. Our schools are safer than ever including improved school emergency preparedness and increased focus on preventing bullying.

Thank you all who wished me well at my final board meeting. It was a wonderful ceremony honoring outgoing board members Ivy Wu and myself and celebrating the swearing in of Lily Mei, Ann Crosbie, and Desrie Campbell. Read a great summary and see a few pictures

We are fortunate to have such a quality board continuing to lead our Fremont schools to excellence. I am humbled and honored to have been a part of this team and to serve Fremont.


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- Bryan Gebhardt

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