Upcoming budget rallys and events!

The Fremont Education Coalition and the Fremont Budget Task Force have a number of events coming up. Please join us to rally support for education and to learn how you can take action.

PTA-sponsored Rally at Senator Ellen Corbett's Office

"Education Cuts Never Heal"
Please join us, as we rally to protect our schools!
Friday, April 25th, 2008 from 9am to 10.30am
Senator Ellen Corbett's office,
1057 MacArthur Blvd., Suite 206, San Leandro, CA 94577

Education Coalition Info Night

Join Us to Take Action and Stop the Cuts!
You are invited to attend an Informational Workshop presented by the Fremont Education Coalition. The agenda will include:
• brief introduction on the general timeline for the legislative budget process
• summary of the past and present budget cuts in Fremont Unified
• presentation of strategies to lobby the members of the California Legislature
• activities planned by the Fremont Education Coalition
• things you can do to stop the budget cuts

Thursday, April 24 7:00 – 8:00 p.m.
FUSD Board Room
4210 Technology Drive

There are more events planned by the Fremont Education Coalition. Find out more at their web site. http://www.fremontedcoalition.com/

Budget Crisis Page / Potential Budget Cuts in Fremont

Budget Crisis 2008-09 Web Page

I have added a web page of resources to my site. It's a good starting point for finding more information about the state budget and it's impact on our Fremont schools. There's also a lot of good information in my blog post - A Coward's Budget.

Potential Budget Cuts in Fremont Schools

Fremont Unified School District (FUSD) has posted a web page on the potential budget cuts. Already the school board has increased class size in our Jr. and Sr. High Schools, and the district has implemented other mid-year cuts to save $5 million. But we still have over $4 million more to cut to meet the Governor's budget.  The Potential Fremont Budget Cuts Presentation is the best way to learn how the state budget has and potentially will impact our students.

Community Public Forum Meetings

FUSD is holding two public forums with the community to get input on the
potential budget cuts. The date/time/locations are:

Date: 4-21-08
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Centerville Jr. High School Gym

Date: 4-28-08
Time: 7:00pm
Location: Irvington High School Gym

Please attend! We all need to work together on this.

Speeches and Writings added

I have added a new section to the web site with some of my speeches and writings from my time on the school board. You will learn a lot about my views on education and the role of a school board member in these writings.

New resources page and education links

I just added a page of resources. Right now it contains my education-related web links that I find here and there. I'll be adding to them. You can subscribe to an rss feed by clicking this link http://del.icio.us/rss/bcgebby/education.

Over time I'll be adding campaign and other types of resources. Feel free to send me links you'd like me to add.

Fundraiser Letter and other updates

I am sorry I haven't posted in so long. I started my new job on 10/8 and also sent out the first fundraising letter for the campaign. Those two things have sucked up most of my time. I've gotten a great response from the fundraising letter. I truly appreciate everyone's support.

If you haven't gotten a letter or email yet, don't worry. I will get to you.

But don't wait for me. Go over to my improved contribute page and contribute now!

Improved you say? Yes, I've updated the website to allow you to choose any amount when contributing with Google Checkout. It was easier than I realized. There's a simple tutorial on Google's web site titled Allowing buyers to specify their own price, product name, description, or quantity. Thanks to my first online contributer for inspiring me to improve this. Please report any issues you have here (with online contributions or any part of the website).

A lot has been going on in the past month, and I plan to post more about that soon. Here are a few highlights.
  • The school board is seriously considering length of residency as a criteria for overloading. The board is continuing the discussion on it's Nov 14 agenda.
  • A's presentation to the board on their thoughts about an elementary school in the project.
  • The board discussed the overcrowding at Parkmont and Forest Park in their Nov 3 study session. No decisions were made. This is just the beginning of the discussion. The board will also be seeking public input as they have for Mission area elementary schools.
  • I attended a great free workshop put on by the Alameda Democratic Central Committee entitled "So, I Might Want to Run for Office..." They'll be doing another workshop for candidates early next year.
  • Ellen Corbett spoke at the Tri-City Democratic Forum meeting.
  • And of course I had a happy Halloween trick-or-treating with my 3-year-old Lindsey!

New Logo and Google Checkout added!

I have some significant updates to the web site to announce.

1. I added the new campaign logo everywhere on the site. Trisha Tahmasbi kindly donated her time to create this wonderful logo for the campaign.

I've also added Google Checkout for those of you who would like to contribute online.

It should work as long as you have a google checkout account. I'm still testing it so please report any problems you have on our contact page.

Contributions through Google Checkout are free until the end of 2007. After that Google takes a small percentage of every contribution. This is even cheaper than mailing in your contribution! So please contribute before the end of the year!

NEXT UP: PayPal...

PayPal donations added!

I've added PayPal for those of you who would like to contribute online.

It should work as long as you have a PayPal account. I'm still testing it so please report any problems you have on our contact page.

Currently, Google Checkout is the cheapest option as it is free until the end of 2007. After that it will still be cheaper than PayPal, but not by much. Please contribute using what ever way is most convenient.
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