Fundraiser Letter and other updates

I am sorry I haven't posted in so long. I started my new job on 10/8 and also sent out the first fundraising letter for the campaign. Those two things have sucked up most of my time. I've gotten a great response from the fundraising letter. I truly appreciate everyone's support.

If you haven't gotten a letter or email yet, don't worry. I will get to you.

But don't wait for me. Go over to my improved contribute page and contribute now!

Improved you say? Yes, I've updated the website to allow you to choose any amount when contributing with Google Checkout. It was easier than I realized. There's a simple tutorial on Google's web site titled Allowing buyers to specify their own price, product name, description, or quantity. Thanks to my first online contributer for inspiring me to improve this. Please report any issues you have here (with online contributions or any part of the website).

A lot has been going on in the past month, and I plan to post more about that soon. Here are a few highlights.
  • The school board is seriously considering length of residency as a criteria for overloading. The board is continuing the discussion on it's Nov 14 agenda.
  • A's presentation to the board on their thoughts about an elementary school in the project.
  • The board discussed the overcrowding at Parkmont and Forest Park in their Nov 3 study session. No decisions were made. This is just the beginning of the discussion. The board will also be seeking public input as they have for Mission area elementary schools.
  • I attended a great free workshop put on by the Alameda Democratic Central Committee entitled "So, I Might Want to Run for Office..." They'll be doing another workshop for candidates early next year.
  • Ellen Corbett spoke at the Tri-City Democratic Forum meeting.
  • And of course I had a happy Halloween trick-or-treating with my 3-year-old Lindsey!
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